Europe’s Energy Union and the road to Paris and beyond

foeIn an unusual new departure from the long-established divisions between environmental and industrial protagonists, Friends of Europe publishes a report featuring consensus-based solutions to Europe’s climate-energy-industry “trilemma”. Read the Executive Summary

With negotiations to seal the much hoped-for climate deal underway and the momentum spurred by the European Commission’s new Energy Union strategy, there is no better time to reflect on how to reconcile the climate, energy security and competitiveness agendas.

With this in mind, Friends of Europe brought together a group of some 40 senior figures representing the full spectrum of interests and stakeholders, to analyse the facts and propose solutions.

The final report of this unusual and ambitious process features 15 areas of agreement and 25 recommendations for EU and national policymakers that highlight ways of reducing Europe’s energy costs while ensuring security of supply, reinventing industrial policy for the 21st century, accelerating the low-carbon transition and making better use of fiscal and trade instruments.

The message is clear: with the right policy mix and better governance, environmental sustainability, energy security and industrial competitiveness can go hand in hand.

Friends of Europe believes this report marks a breaking point in the current debate and offers the EU institutions’ new leaderships a valuable reference point for re-shaping efforts to achieve a shared vision of the future.

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